Live Guided Sales Experiences

The New Concept To Communicate With Your Clients

Take your guests “by the hand” on a shared virtual tour with personal guidance. Synchronizing where you look, you can take turns on controlling the virtual tour. Let them explore on their own or pick them back up anytime to follow your route and mimic your screen on theirs.

Live Guided Experiences are accessible on both desktop and mobile devices, so your clients can dial in from their mobile phones as well.

Main Features

  • Shared virtual tours with video conference
  • Guests follow the host or explore rooms, multimedia hotspots, info typical for Leap on their own.
  • 3 Modes: Party Mode (all mics on), Presentation Mode (mic requests possible), Sit in Mode (only Host is heard). 
  • No set up/registration/accounts required for guests
  • Simple calling system: Guests click on “Dial in” button inside the online virtual tour
  • With all features in Leap (interactive hotspots etc.)
  • Multi-Session, Multi-Host: Several separate conference rooms in parallel within one and the same virtual tour.
  • No quality loss, no latency.
  • No extra charge, no flat fee, no fee per usage. Included in VT PRO (P2P connections only)
  • More than screen share – maintains interactivity and higher quality
  • Easy Set up, no coding, no app.
  • Works with any server. No need to host with Leap Innovations.

Create And Meet Inside An Immersive Environment In Minutes


Create your virtual tour as usual. Use and interlink 360º images, add info hotspots, audios etc. Tick the Live Guided Tour box and hit “Publish”.


Upload your virtual tour to the Internet. You can either use the (optional) one-click upload with Leap hosting, which gives you a link to your tour within minutes or upload to your own or any other server.

Dial In

Right click on the virtual tour online to start the session as Host and wait for people to call you.

Track, Report And Analyze Your Traffic – Within Each And Across All Immersive Environments.

Who visits the tour? How long do they stay? Where do they click the most? Where do they tend to abandon the tour? Start to understand your visitors with Leap Cloud’s advanced analytics.

Global analytics: How many visitors did you get in the last hour, day, week? Where do they come from? How long do they browse your tours?

Analytics per tour: A tour’s most frequented media? How long did people stay in the Kitchen on average? Where do I need to place items so people see them? Revolutionary, not only for Virtual Showrooms.



Some corporate networks and strict firewalls block the free Peer-to-Peer based Live Guided Tours offered by Bricklane. That’s why we developed LGT with RS: It detects those users who have difficulties connecting through the free version and connects them through a relay server. It’s like an insurance that only jumps in when there’s really a problem. That saves you using (and paying) unnecessary bandwidth.